Tips to Get Pretty for figure Skating

While figure skating can be elegance and grace personified, what adds to the beauty of the sport is the shimmering makeup and gorgeous outfit of the participants. Like most sports, the age of the figure skater plays a vital role in the type of makeup, dress and hair. These are the three categories that will now be looked into in some detail.

Makeup – The main point here is that to look pretty on ice the makeup should vary between the exact skin tones to one or two shades darker. The base or foundation should be long lasting so as to go through the day’s routines. It should be applied on the face and blended into the neck. A darker shade ensures that the ice skating rink lighting along with the light reflecting off the ice surface does not “wash” out the complexion of the skater.

Other cosmetics used, regardless of the colour should also be a tone or two darker than everyday makeup and heavier than the usual type. This includes eye shadow, blusher, and lipstick. Try this for a start. Begin with a dusting of bronze and then add on a warm blush with a hint of shimmer in it. For the eyes, experiment with a golden brown liner smudged into lash lines. Remember, a figure skater should look dramatically different on ice than what she would look in person. Competition makeup is not meant to be fashionable, it is meant to accentuate her presence on ice.

The skin texture and glow also contributes to making a skater look pretty on ice, so book an appointment with salon for photo rejuvenation with IPL laser machine. You can also look for a small portable IPL hair removal machine for sale, buy it and carry out periodical skin rejuvenation processes especially before competitions.

Hair – The first principle of setting hair for figure skating is that it should be tied away from the face. Girls can be creative with their hair while preparing for skating. Ponytails, buns, braids, and French braids are acceptable. A small bun can be enlarged to a Donut bun to add volume to the face. It is also common to see decorations added to the hair style of figure skaters. A gel or hair spray is first applied to stiffen the hair and then small trinkets in bright and flashy colours can be stuck in. These can be bows or ribbons or artificial flowers that add a touch of glamour to an ordinary pulled back hair style. If a plain bun is preferred, try bun covers for that special pretty look as a figure skater.

However, hairpins are a strict no-no. A loose one that has fallen off can result in a major accident if it gets jammed between the blades. Use hair clips or bobby pins that have been tightly secured in place.

For boys, keep the hair short. This is what judges prefer. However, those with longer style can have it held back with a headband so as not to get distracted by it falling over the face.

Dress – Wear form fitting clothes that stretch rather than the tight ones that restrict movement. Skating dresses and beige coloured tights are ideal for girls. For boys, black skating pants and a plain coloured short or long sleeved shirt is fine. These should not billow out at the sleeves as it might hinder complicated routines such as “lifts”.

Gloves for both sexes are permissible.

Girls’ dresses can have a few variants. Bows and ribbons will make the skater look pretty.

However, wear the dresses worn to practice in competitions too. It will make things easier for the figure skater.

Follow these simple tips to look pretty and wow the audience both in performance and looks.

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