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What is it that makes people fall instantly in love with figure skating? Is it the heady combination of charm and grace, the music or the synchronised movements to its beats? Whatever the reason, there are certain aesthetics that no other sport can possibly beat. You do not have to be an expert in the rules of figure skating to appreciate the art, simply following the graceful movements of the skaters is usually enough to make the ordinary spectator desire to be a part of the sport.

For us behind the scenes at Blog site Figure Skating Divas, figure skating is a passion and we are committed to spreading the glory of the sport to the general masses. This is why we invite blogs from anyone who is informed about figure skating and all those not so well informed. The smallest and most insignificant trivia is welcome, as you never know what nuggets of news are embedded in them or what will seize the attention of the readers.

Figure skating has a long history with its competitive roots going back to 1908 when it was first introduced in the Olympic Games. Since then, numerous events and international level tournaments have taken place. We invite blogs on anything related to figure skating, information and details of the sport that are well known or those buried in the pages of time.

So what can you possibly write in about? For starters, how about some statistics on past tournaments, the countries and people who excel in this sport and the men and women who have taken this sport to great heights with their performances at different levels of competition. Or if you are an expert in this scene, why don’t you share your knowledge regarding the technicalities – the size of the rinks, blade types, the manoeuvres and the system of scoring. We invite any piece that is designed to capture the imagination of the lovers of the game and those tentatively taking the first steps to figure skating.

Remember, Figure Skating Divas is your platform to express your enthusiasm for figure skating and tell people about this sport.